Terms and Conditions

Quotes and Estimates

  • Any quote or estimate is correct at time of creation, with the everchanging cost of materials the prices unfortunately cannot be guaranteed.
  • Time estimates are flexible, please understand that old, seized rigging can take a very long time to remove and in the case of old furlers may not be removable at all. If we encounter any issues we will phone early on in the dismantling process to discuss options prior to continuing.


  • charged over the one way distance as calculated by google maps from our workshop
  • Local Travel up to a distance of 30 miles is charged at £2.75 per mile
  • Over 30 miles distance is charged at £2.50 per mile

On site

  • Rigging on site is charged at £45 per hour + associated travel costs

Off site /  workshop

  • Rigging off site is charged as per website plus time at £45 per hour for any additional work unwrapping, untapeing or unwiring the rigging, please consider this when sending or delivering your rigging to us.

Aerial Work

  • Aerial work is charged at £75 per hour or part there of + associated travel costs


  • Engineering, one off and prototyping work of all kinds is charged at £60 per hour + materials

Repair work

  • In house repair work is charged at £45 per hour + materials and consumables this does not include boat transport to and from our premises which is an additional charge, please call o discuss.
  • On site repair work is charged at £45 per hour with the addition of travel, materials and consumables costs.


  • Invoices are created on completion of all works, standard payment terms are maximum 7 days unless negotiated in advance.

Returns and warranty period

  • We undertake to rectify or replace any defective or faulty products up to a 30 day period from date of order, however the onus is on you, the customer to prove that the goods were faulty on receipt and not as a result of misuse.
  • If you believe your goods are faulty please contact us in writing (email accepted) preferably with photos and an accurate description of the issue so that we may discuss a solution.