Stainless Wire Quality Control , Accountability, Traceability

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Here at Essex Rigging our policy is to only purchase from recognised and accredited top brand manufacturers, Petersen being our preferred supplier

We ensure all wire purchased from our suppliers are manufatured to Marine grade AISI 316 stainless steel Certified to BSMA29 1982.

All dimensions and tensile grades, conform to the above international standard which stipulates tolerances on nominal diameter, minimum tensile strength and minimum breaking force for strands and finished wire ropes.


from each batch a strop is manufactured and tested on our test rig to 90% break to ensure

Every spool of stainless steel wire purchased by Essex Rigging is marked and recorded with the batch number, date received and supplier.

We also record the appropriate wire batch number against ever for wire rigging assembly we produce. Therefore each assembly  is traceable back to the manufacturer and the trail is clear.

More Information

The British Stainless Steel association provides more detailed information