How to order your rigging

here’s How to Order Rigging

choose a category from the top menu if you can’t find what you’re looking for under class specific rigging and you won’t be able to send us your rigging to make an exact copy then go to step 1 below

  1. determine what you need the wire for (standing or running rigging) from the top menu
  2. determine which type of wire you need
  3. determine the diameter of wire you will require
  4. choose how you would like the first end terminated
  5. choose the length of the assembly (take a look here on how to measure)
  6. choose the termination for the second end of your assembly
  7. once you’re done ordering just go to the cart and fill out your details (or register if you haven’t already)

and that’s it, happy sailing

so let’s start making your rigging

But if you’re not just  here for rigging,you might be interested in our selection of complimentary chandlery and rope click away and see what takes your fancy.

and thank you for your custom in advance

Please Note: new products and features are being added to the website from our product range all the time, if you don’t see or can’t find what you need give us a call on 07770 871967 or email us