Contender bimbles

Standing Rigging

QRT lowers and QR pins (don’t forget to tape them before you go on the water though) dyform shrouds, fast pins 5mm & 1/4″ and chainplates. We also supply the wavelength/ridge/hoare/BBS/C-Serve u bolts with plate for lowers.

Rigbreaker forestay, please contact us to discuss requirements and details

Running Rigging

Masthead lock halyard with wire to rope splice and captive pin or tapered dyneema rope halyards, call or email to discuss.

Coarse and fine tune trapeze, you can either purchase the dyneema trapeze wires directly here or, we can provide a kit to splice this onto your current trapeze wire/string. Including d12 dyneema coarse tune, thimbles, handles, cleats and rings.


trapeze tensioning (release on light down winds to avoid the hassle of hooking (and then forgetting to unhook it up by the shrouds) using turning blocks, dyneema shockcord and a small cleat.

cleats and swivels for control lines

Tidy tails with continuous controls in thimbles and through deck bushes for centreboard control

spliced in XHL Vang with course and fine tune, thimbles and dyneema soft shackle, control line and split tails (3m) with a stopper (large)

or we can do a wire vang for the standard wavelength/ superspars book set up.

bespoke carbon manufacture and sheaves

Centreboard thimbles for up and down control lines spliced on with 3mm dyneema and don’t forget your 15m of minimum 8mm tow rope which is in the class rules for sea events.

Single point course centreboard control, cleat, dyneema loop and snap shackle

Quick release mainsheet (6.5m for 3:1) and self-aligning mainsheet swivel and turning and ratchet blocks

dyneema shockcord for outhaul return

plus quick release snap shackles, tie blocks, deck bushes for the inboard end of the dyneema outhaul

bespoke stuffers for the centreboard case, call or mail us to discuss

windicators, masthead or lower mast mounted or a burgee and the mast clip for it.

aerovane 190 lower mast
aerovane 190 lower mast – for boats without jibs