How to measure your rigging

It is very important you send exact measurements to us, if you are concerned that you may not be able to do this, please contact us and we will either arrange to collect the piece if you are local or give you an address to ship the piece to so we can make an exact copy. Our measurements are taken in millimetres from bearing surface to bearing surface.

Note 1: Our riggers will make the length of the assembly to within the diameter of the wire of the dimensions given.

to take the measurement,

*lay your piece out flat and taught

*measure from bearing surface to bearing surface, this is the dimension we require to make your rigging.

see examples below.

for an eye

for a tee

for a fork 

for a stud

NOTE 2: When ordering standing rigging with a rigging screw or turnbuckle, the full assembly will be measured bearing surface to bearing surface with the screws fully close, unless you are ordering pre made rigging from the class specific sections of this website in which case the screw will be at 50% of it’s extension.

for a hard eye  

for a soft eye pull the eyes tight (tighter than this picture!) and measure

NOTE 3: our soft eyes will be made with an eye 20 times the wire diameter as standard, if you require a different length please add this in the notes section at checkout

NOTE 4: By ordering from this website you agree to our terms and conditions regarding wire rigging assemblage.